JAKO Audit Košice is your professional partner in the world of finance for more than 10 years.


Client representation

Our clients welcome assistance in form of a direct representation before tax offices and other institutions. We also help foreign companies with establishing their branch in Slovakia, execution of legal actions and communication with their local business partners and suppliers.

We offer representation of a client before courts, state institutions and other administration offices. Our employees are experienced in assisting and supervision of communication in bankruptcy and liquidation process, business disagreements and construction proceeding. In a construction proceeding we prepare an overall construction agenda, from initial stage up to final inspection of a constructed building.

Real estate activities

As an additional value to our services, we help with finding suitable office space as well as apartments or houses for company managers according to client’s requirement. In the same time, we verify documentation presented by owner of a real estate, arrange relevant services related to moving and represent a client in negotiations with an owner of a building or space.

If a foreign company opens its branch in Slovakia, we help resettled managers in adapting to our region and culture, and assist also with getting permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia.