JAKO Audit Košice is your professional partner in the world of finance for more than 10 years.

Auditing services

JAKO KOŠICE performs auditing services according to auditing standards of the Slovak Chamber of Auditors and international auditing standards.

To our clients, we provide the following services:

  • Continuous Audit - continuous examination of book keeping during the overall accounting year;
  • Annual Audit - verification of a company’s balance sheet;
  • Extraordinary Audit - is performed in case of an extraordinary balance sheet or for period less than one year;
  • Investment Business Plan - when a company applies for bank credits or is in the process of transformation or expansion, we can assist with elaboration of a business plan;
  • Financial Analysis - Analysis of a company’s economic situation with a plan for improvement of analyzed financial units.

Our clients are:

  • Limited liability companies
  • Stock companies
  • Limited partnership companies
  • Municipalities
  • Non-profit and governmental organizations
  • Public companies